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ART is actively involved in Construction of all kinds of trenches and manhole construction like Sewer, Storm and Electrical etc… We undertake all kinds of Civil Construction and Maintenance activities. We have been successfully executing especially in Infrastructure works.

  • Sewer Network includes Manholes, Trench Work, Inspection Chamber, Etc.
  • Storm Water Network includes Manholes, Trench Work, Gullies, Outfall Etc.
  • TSE Network includes Manholes, Trench Work Etc.
  • Stone Wall & Stone Pitching Works
  • Break Water

In our short time of existence we have recognized areas in this industry where we feel that we can make a powerful impact. We have embraced these challenges and have hired the necessary qualified professionals needed. Our excavation and site preparation division make it possible for us to offer our customers a better service. A full range of services that will allow for more accountability and fewer worries. ART emphasizes aggressive job completion and performance to maintain construction schedules.

ART’s position has evolved over the past few years with an increasing number of projects and an upward growing turnover. As the workload has increased the company’s profile has been enhanced, by providing further opportunities for greater abilities to be demonstrated.

We provide our customers with quality materials, convenience, competitive prices and complete customer satisfaction. We do it all! It is our objective to be able to meet every need for our customers and make it possible to maintain the construction schedules.

Products and Services

  • Marine Construction
  • Reclamation & Stone Pitching
  • Sheet Piling, Dewatering, Excavation, and Back Filling
  • Equipment Hiring and Material Supply
  • Construction & Maintenance