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ART Cooperating primarily in the construction industry, segments in: site development, mass excavation, land clearing, grading and land surveying. The company has modern equipment and trucks. We have experienced and professional staff of engineers, surveyors, foreman, equipment operators and truck drivers. We are set to become one of the leaders in the construction industry. We offer prompt service and quality materials. Our dump truck services and low bed, trailers are currently delivering aggregate and building materials to various suppliers and construction projects. Our services include, but are not limited to aggregate materials supply and delivery, equipment rentals, excavation, site preparation, soil removal and disposal.

  • Heavy-duty Dump Trailer & Trucks Hiring
  • Supply of Materials
  • Aggregate & Earth-fill Transportation
  • Building Material Transportation
  • Excavation Work & Rubbish Removal

The scope of work includes all types of Waste Management Services like:-

  • Removal & disposal of construction wastes or rubbish.
  • Supply & transportation of fresh water.
  • Supply & transportation of non-drinking water.
  • Supply of unwashed sand/washed sand, aggregate, back filling materials etc.
  • Hiring of construction/heavy equipment/machinery like excavators, vibro-hammer, rock breaker, dump trucks, tankers, trailers, JCBs, graders, shovel, compaction rollers, low beds, six wheel, dewatering pump etc.
  • Hiring of Sheet pile & Trench Sheets
    The Company also owns a Maintenance Workshop for all the above vehicles and equipment.